Yes, in Slovenia, as well as in most EU countries , monitoring or regular temperature checks in food establishments are legally mandatory. Temperature recording typically applies to all refrigeration equipment. The frequency of recording, proper installation, and calibration of the control thermometer depend on the HACCP plan established for each individual establishment.

The Sanitary Inspectorate may conduct visits at any time to ensure consistent recording and correction of non-compliance. If irregularities are found, remedial warnings, fines, or even temporary or permanent closure of the establishment may be imposed.
Saefy is the first automated temperature monitoring system in Slovenia, offering alarm notifications and comprehensive reporting. It is utilized in various systems, including refrigerators, fridges, freezers, and other appliances. Temperatures are monitored 24/7 through any internet-connected device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The system operates based on sensors installed in the refrigeration unit, which wirelessly transmit data to the Saefy system. This data can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Saefy provides daily reports and a complete audit trail of temperature measurements.
In addition to HACCP safety and quality control, our system is suitable for the following applications:
  • Supervision of medicines
  • Monitoring of clinical samples
  • Supervision of swimming pools and SPAs
  • Temperature control of industrial systems
Our system can automatically generate HACCP-compliant reports , which can be sent via email. It also generates automatic notifications for non-conformities, ensuring appropriate actions are taken and recorded.

The system provides quick and easy access to historical data and a digital archive of reports.
It can be used wherever frequent temperature measurement or monitoring is required. Common industries include retail shops, catering, healthcare, bakeries, warehouses, swimming pools, SPAs, etc.

Sensors can be installed in fridges, freezers, refrigerated display cabinets, refrigerated vehicles, cold rooms, counters, warehouses, storerooms, etc.

For example, in a restaurant, it is crucial to maintain food freshness and the correct temperature to prevent spoilage and bacterial growth. Saefy's automatic temperature sensors can assist in achieving this goal by ensuring accurate and reliable temperature monitoring in fridges and freezers. Restaurant staff can promptly identify any temperature deviations from the recommended range and take immediate action. This helps preserve the food's quality, safety, and reduces waste, costs, and enhances the restaurant's reputation.
Saefy allows temperature monitoring via any internet-connected device, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Android, Windows, and iOS devices can be used as access points.
Our sensors or probes communicate with the Saefy system using the MQTT protocol, enabling quick and easy setup.

They facilitate easy integration with different checklists and provide fast readings (less than 3 seconds).

The sensors can be installed in various devices/rooms, can be immersed in water or cleaner up to 65°C, and the battery provides up to 30,000 readings.
Usually, replacement is required every three years or so.
Saefy has also developed sensors that measure other parameters such as humidity, GPS location, light, etc., catering to clients in specific industries.

For any inquiries, please contact us via email at
Our temperature monitoring covers a wide range, from hot oil fryers to deep-frozen food.

The sensors can be immersed in water or detergent at temperatures up to 65°C.
We offer email and/or SMS notifications to keep you informed about temperature problems. The notifications specify the inadequate temperature, the location/device affected, and the appropriate temperature limit.

Alarms can be sent to multiple email addresses and phone numbers (additional cost for SMS alerts).
Setting up Saefy is a quick and straightforward process that users can perform themselves. Simply insert the sensor into the room or refrigeration unit you want to monitor and pair it with the Saefy software via a Wi-Fi connection.

The MQTT protocol facilitates a quick and easy setup, which can be done using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

On average, it takes up to three hours to set up and connect the sensors.
To ensure affordability, we prefer to tailor the offer to each individual company's needs. Please contact us at for pricing information.

Generally, there is a monthly subscription fee, and temperature sensors (probes) can be rented or purchased.

Installation is only extra if you choose to have us arrange the entire sensor installation.
We provide online support and are available via phone on weekdays to assist you.
As an IT company, we prioritize the security of your data. We follow all security protocols, and data is stored in the cloud on highly secure servers.

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