IoT thermometers are a tool developed for Saefy. They are extremely easy to install and configure and they communicate directly with the Saefy system using the MQTT protocol.

A portable solution that satisfies every user

Portable probe

  • Food temperature information is automatically sent wirelessly to Saefy for instant viewing.
  • Always accurate temperature readings and corrective actions automatically time-stamped and stored in the cloud
  • Extensive temperature range from chilled products to hot frying oil
  • Fully immersible in water and detergent at 65°C
    30,000 readings battery life

Key features

  • Plug & Play – less than 3 minutes set up
  • Easy Integration with any Checklist
  • Fast reading – less than 3 seconds
  • Easy to use

Saefy smart sensors provide wireless real-time monitoring and recording of temperature conditions from a single cloud system. From food safety to temperature control of clinical samples.

Automated temperature monitoring

  • Sensors can be installed and relocated anywhere
  • Plug & Play – less than 3 minutes set up per sensor
  • 24/7/365 Real-time monitoring of all your critical control points across multiple locations
  • Alerting & reporting when conditions fall outside safe limits
  • Access your data from the Saefy solution from any location or device
  • Automate processes, eliminate missed checks.
  • Reduce errors resulting from manual checks
  • Reduce labor cost by eliminating manual temperature logging
  • Eliminate time spent taking manual readings

What Saefy does

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of equipment
  • 24/7/365 notification of alerts sent via email or SMS
  • Identifies potential equipment maintenance issues in advance of failure
  • Helps to eliminate product loss
  • Reduces labor cost by eliminating manual temperature logging
  • Wireless transmission eliminates the need for hardwired installation


Installation of the Saefy temperature monitoring system is quick and easy, and can be self-installed. The temperature sensors are simply put into the fridge, freezer, cool room or other cold storage device that you wish to monitor and paired with our Saefy software via Wi-fi.

Thanks to the MQTT protocol installation is fast and simple and can be performed through Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Not only HACCP

Our instruments have multiple applications and beside food safety management can be applied for the following activities:

  • Monitoring of medicines
  • Monitoring of clinical samples
  • Pool & SPA monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring of industrial systems

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