Saefy is a complete service with a solution for every size of business.

From a single restaurant to multi store operations with multiple sensors spread across multiple locations:

  • Cloud based software: nothing to install, accessible from anywhere
  • Secure data storage: Data held in highly secure data centres, regular backup’s, always available
  • Support and information: Feedback and help with problems
  • Wi-fi: Wireless transmission eliminates the need for hardwired installation
  • Remote access: Cloud and internet connections simplify and speed up diagnosing and helping with problems
  • Flexible : For customers who prefer a lower monthly fee and no maintenance costs

Saefy – The user platform prompts and guides staff how to carry out food safety tasks.

It comes with pre-installed HACCP compliant checklists, completed tasks are time stamped and sent to the cloud, records are automatically created and always accurate.

  • User friendly platform for food storage applications, food transportation, environmental monitoring and food safety compliance reports
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP
  • Improves product quality and reduce product waste during manufacture, storage & distribution
  • Alleviates audit stress with easy to access historical reports

Saefy – Automated Temperature Monitoring System

with alarming and compliance reporting is used in a multitude of food storage applications such as cold stores, fridges, cool rooms, freezers and other refrigerator storage applications where temperatures can be monitored 24 hours a day from any internet capable device (mobile phone, tablet and computer).

Saefy can also be implemented into food transport providing a wireless temperature monitoring solution to refrigerated transportation that is simply added to the existing systems.


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